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Сareer Achievements (shortly):


KireevArt (Artiom Kireev) is acknowledged as one of the most professional and successful Belarusian photographers in fashion industry. 

Exhibited in the International Photo Expo "Sublimations - Milano 2019". (Fondazione Luciana Matalon - Milan, Italy 2019).

Published in the 8th edition of book "The Best Photographers 2018" (OneEyeland). 

World’s TOP 10 Fashion Photographers 2018 & Belarus TOP 10 ( Rank - 1) Fashion Photographers 2018 (Contest version OneEyeland). 

Published in Famous Spain Dodho Magazine 3 times (Barcelona 2017-2018).

Exhibited in the International Photo Expo «ImageNation Paris 2017». (DeFactory - France - 2017).

Fairytale Portraiture Contest Grand Jury Winner. (Selected winner among 5200 submissions. (ViewBug - 2017).

Bristol (UK) Salon 2017 (Short list);  Epson (RU) 2017 Moscow (Final).

Sexy In Nature Photo Contest Grand Jury Winner. (ViewBug - 2017).

Gold Award for first place in nomination "After Dark" - Proify International Photography Awards 2016.

Honorary award and publication in the annual catalog - Ozone Zone International Photo Salon 2016.

Awarded in the category of best photographers according to the Rich Cat club. (Minsk - 2016).

Successfully hold the Art-Director position in the Minsk photo studio called «WHITE». (Minsk 2012-2013). 

Worked in XXL magazine doing them covers. (Minsk - 2013).

Worked with the Lithuania-Norwegian event project Reconnoitre. (Vilnius - 2012).

Exhibited first as EHU M.A student with body of works called “Welcome to the Circus”. (Vilnius - 2012).

Awarded with the title of “Most Stylish Photographer of Belarus” by “Night of Style”. (Minsk - 2011).

3 times participated in national beauty contests as jury (Belarus 2009-2011).

Founder & Curator of “Innervision Art Group”. (Belarus 2008-2010).

Before all of this has a huge experience as a model and image-maker, boosted by experience of working on TV. (Belarus 2005-2008).


About KireevArt (briefly):


Artiom was born May 1987 in Minsk. First higher education Finance (BSEU) + Economy M.A. (BSEU). Also studied Visual and Cultural M.A. program in Vilnius (EHU). This background and other versatile competences gave him unique understanding of approaches to the art of fashion & commercial photography and diverse ways of their execution. Artiom Kireev proved himself to be a gifted specialist by declaring the personal approach as the main priority in his career. Artiom belongs to the rare to meet type of photographers who always reach a feeling of sophistication and intelligence in their works.


Professional model in his past, Kireev has a vast knowledge of exposing a model’s personality in the most natural manner. All KireevArt’s works combine different types and styles in photography. The author’s personal approach is concentrated by showing ordinary people in various locations on his own authentic stylistic manners. Also successfully realizing the most difficult advertising companies in field of commercial photo. The photographer practices both studio and outdoor sessions with use of pulse light and special outdoor equipment. Itself and from the heart retouching images (quickly & timely). His works were featured in numerous magazines and advertisements around the globe and were placed on the covers many times. Currently Artiom works as a full time freelancer worldwide. Open for interesting offers on regional cooperation and serious project work.


Has behind shoulders experience more than 1300+ various shoots projects & more then 10 years very intensive work practice. 

Artiom is distinguished by his skills of making commercial projects of any level of complexity in short terms, while maintaining the high-quality level. 

Talent and die-hard dedication makes him one of the most professional young specialists in his area on the territory of Ex-Soviet Union.



Personal Tastes (in fine): 


Family, Country life, Pets, Travel, Music, Psychology, Positive people, work's of Dario Salas Sommer and Eckhart Tolle. Fairy tale on photography and real Life. Bright individuals, talented masters dedicated to the crafts. Believe that those who deserve it, will always be fine. 

Appreciate own time, enamored of life, beauty of nature and people. 


     Best regards & Positive vibes.


Mail: innervision.kireevart@gmail.com          Tel: +375291846466

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