What A Wonderful World

Collection launch on October


"What a Wonderful World" - Largest mixed genre Art collection of author’s photography that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain. 500 exclusive 1/1 photo NFTs includes: color, black-white, time lapse photography. Variety of landscapes and objects photographed on my way in the good old days (2009-2019). Collection is dedicated to beauty of majestic World and life around us.

Stylistic features: Impact of light and working with it is a particularly important element of author’s self-expression, same time unique author’s art code. Color in this case is original accent of sounding a visual language. Own authentic artist vision, sublimated into images.

Unique project with a strong roadmap (pfp type). The goal is to achieve maximum invest utility. Holders can participate in regular events such as NFT claims, raffles (ETH), community giveaways (framed prints), reinvest profits back into community and more. Photos from 19 countries themselves will tell the rest.

  Join Art & Enjoy the Journey.


Project Road Map

Cost of NFT's items:

Special Black Friday price drop! 

Black-White photos: 0.04 ETH (121 items)

Color photos: 0.06 ETH (317 items)

Time Lapse photography: 0.08 ETH (62 items)


If you collect 4 works at the same time, you can request the fifth for free (4+1)

Collect 10 photos and get a gift from the author a large-format physical print version of any favorite photo in a frame with the author's signature and delivery. (examples I have on Twitter).

First "Early Offer"(Done). For early owners (start from September 12). This Big project is full of Big bonuses! I decided to make it even easier for all my friends to enter the project!

Special price drop for 100 photo (50 color / 50 black & white) just 0.0777 ETH

Lets hurry up join limited opportunity and will build success together.

First GIVEAWAY (Done). You can win one of 10 Wonderful #NFTs.

Become a member of new cool photo project for free thanks to luck.

Giveaway ends on the 12th of September (Sunday evening). Join here.

Second GIVEAWAY (Done). - You can win one of 15 Wonderful #NFTs.

Become a member of new cool photo project for free thanks to luck.

Giveaway ends on the 19th of September (Saturday evening). Join here.

Dessert of the Week (Done). - Buy one get second for free (1+1). Random drop gift from author after each purchase. So every second photo is gift!

50% of sales, 10 additional works among early holders will be randomly and fairly distributed and transferred.

100% (Sold Out) - There will be an honest draw of 3 ETH among the most active circle of holders, as well as the best holder of the collection will be determined and he will also be fair rewarded.

Discord channel will also be launched a little later, but since we all have so many of them, I will temporarily transmit all the necessary information on development of the project through my tweeter.

Significant portion of funds raised from resale will be used to support new talented artists in the community.

A little later, an extended roadmap of version 2.0 is expected with continuation of serious bonus program among collectors.

(to be announced shortly).

 Invest smart. Invest in Art.

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About artist: My name is Artiom Kireev (KireevArt). I was born in May 1987 in Minsk. Old School Photographer, traveler. 14 years of intensive creative practice. M.A.degree in Visual and Cultural Studies in Vilnius.

Achievements: Acknowledged as one of the most professional and successful Belarusian photographers. (since 2011 few times awarded as best photographer of country). Gold Award for first place in the nomination "After Dark" - Proify International Photography Awards 2016. World’s TOP-10 Fashion Photographers 2018 + 8th edition of book "The Best Photographers 2018". Creator Fairy Tale collection «My Wonderland». (continues to be created for over 13 years). My works of art were exhibited in Paris, Milan, Beijing.

 Thanks & Best Wishes.

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